Friday, February 11, 2011

A Bunch of Comics News

Because a bunch of stuff that I find interesting is happening...
  • DC is going to have Green Lantern comics that tie in with the upcoming movie's continuity. I always scratch my head when you have a comic based on a movie based on a comic. 
  • Speaking of confusing tie-ins. The new Batman game will have a comic based on the video-game which draws inspiration from the Batman comics.
  • Lee Bermejo, who did the great "Joker" original graphic novel with Brian Azzarello, is in fact doing his own OGN featuring Batman titled (as of now), "Batman: Noel." I imagine it will come out around Christmas this year.
  • The new Elephantmen one-shot looks like a fun comic and great jumping-on point for readers. Also, it mentions Ladronn is finally almost done with the new issue of the Hip Flask comic we have been waiting forever for. The continuity of the comics can be confusing with "Elephantmen" taking place in the past "War Toys" even further in the past, and "Hip Flask" moreso in the present, but the story is always so fun and enjoyable.
  • Wonder Woman is selling cosmetics. Okay?
  •  Secret Avengers will have a new writer and artist taking over--which is bittersweet as Secret Avengers was pretty much known for being the Ed Brubaker Avenger book, but things may still be good.
  • Diamond Comics, the company that practically holds a monopoly on comic-book distribution is trying to expand into digital comics too. It's like that old horror movie the blob, it just keeps growing.
  • Lastly, in news that both excites and worries me, there is an article on the new Moon Knight comic by Bendis and Maleev. It excites in that we learn more, but worries in that it is taking the concept of Moon Knight having multiple personalities and expanding that to having him emulate his Secret Avengers teammates. What? I'm still willing to go with this though, because if you had told me the same team was going to do a Daredevil comic where they revealed his identity, I may have had doubts, but the results spoke for themselves. Also, a nice piece of art: to close things out:

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