Friday, February 11, 2011

Looking Over This Week's Comic-Book Haul

It's Friday, so let's review all of the comics I've bought/borrowed for the week two days after they actually came out--with reviews for a few of the titles possibly coming not too long after. Make a comment if you want me to review one especially soon (although there is some stuff that is a bit older I need to get my thoughts put up for too). After all, I do this blog for you, the reader...and so that I don't bore the people in my everyday life with my thoughts about stuff they have no interest in.

The New Avengers #9
Some of the art is by Howard Chaykin, Nick Fury is a big focus, this should be good.

X-Factor #215
This comic almost never lets me down and I always look forward to it.

Batman and Robin #20
The start of Peter J. Tomasi's run on Batman and Robin, word-of-mouth so far is positive.

Heroes For Hire #3
The last two issues were fun and interesting, this is quickly becoming a title I reccomend

Knight & Squire #5
Paul Cornell writing, is there any question of picking this up?

Wolverine #5.1
Jason Aaron always does a good Wolverine, hopefully this .1 issue that is designed to attract new readers will show off his skills.

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #515
I really enjoyed the debut of Panther in Hells Kitchen in #513, but the last issue disappointed, so I'm a bit wary about this one.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #4
Despite my lack of DC continuity knowledge making issue three a bit confusing for me, I still really am loving this comic.

Incognito: Bad Influences #3
In the last issue Brubaker promised things started to "boil" in issue three, so hopefully the last two issues which were just good will have been leading up to something great.

Osborn #3
This series so far has made me feel all warm and happy it's so good.

Justice League Generation Lost #19
The thing that makes Max Lord so interesting is he truly thinks he's doing the right thing.

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #7
Getting past the hideous covers to this series has been hard, but the story is slowly becoming more interesting after a glacially slow start.

That is it. Was there anything else that came out this week you feel I was an idiot for not getting--or do I list something you think I am foolish for wasting my money on? Then do please tell me.

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