Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rant-Reviews--Two Wolverine Comics and Worgen.

Reviews of Wolverine #5.1and #6, plus issue 3 of the Worgen comic gets on my nerves. 

Wolverine #5.1

Another of the ".1" comics Marvel has decided to churn out, this one doesn't directly tie-in with the events in the main Wolverine comic so much, as it serves more as a one-shot which hints at future story-lines for the comic. So, the question would be, is it a good pseudo-one-shot? I would say yes, it is. Wolverine faces some bad-guys who are both quirky and gross, and we see more of his girlfriend, Melita, as she invites over various super-folk Wolverine knows and humorous exchanges between said characters take place. Jefte Palo provides the art and does a good job with both the quiet parts and action-filled bits, even if the style can be a bit too minimalist for my tastes at times. This is a fun issue, but I can't help but feel that is almost like a fill-in between 5 and 6--due to its not tying into them at all--than it is part of the overall story Jason Aaron has been crafting.
3.5 out of 5 stars.

Wolverine #6
Picking up right where issue five left off (making 5.1 feel even more like a throwaway issue) but with the new art of Daniel Acuna, this issue has some great dialogue to make up for the somewhat generic plot of, "Oh no, Wolverine is out of control again, we might have to kill him," and so-so art of Acuna. Jason Aaron writes some hilarious exchanges between the odd assortment of characters and makes what is essentially a scene of people standing around while Wolverine tries to fight his (literal) inner-demons interesting. Still, we all know Wolverine isn't going to really die so the supposed suspense of this issue is just non-existent. Aaron saves it from mediocrity, but I hope the plot develops into something more original than the usual "crazy-Wolverine" storyline. Considering were are dealing with the great writer Jason Aaron it very well may.
3 out of 5 stars.

World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen #3
Alright, the constant flash-backs and jumping around in time are officially getting on my nerves and hurting the story instead of helping it. From what I am able to understand of the story--when it isn't lurching back-and-forth through time--is somewhat interesting. It's a sort of mediation on man and the fight between his primal nature and civilized intellect. However, this is muddied up by the aforementioned tendency of the story to jump around in time more than Lindsay Lohan gets into legal trouble (topical humor)! I'm just tired of it and if the story clears itself up some I will like it more, but as of now I'm just annoyed.
2 out of 5 stars.

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