Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thoughts on Grammys

Let's share some thoughts about the 2011 Grammys that honor albums from 2010 (except December, which has to wait for next year, meaning that amazing Kanye West album must wait to win accolades). Note that I missed the start of the show and other bits so this is by no means a very extensive overview so much as a few notes on the bits I saw and thought were worth discussing/making fun of.

  • I'm not a big fan of Bruno Mars or B.o.B., but they and Janelle Monae (whom I do like) did a really great job. Although she did have a pretty short turn.
  •  "Soul Sister" won someone a Grammy? Ugh.
  • Lady Gaga's weird pseudo-womb was stupid, and the outfit she had on when she exited it was not particularly amazing. Plus, hearing some lady repeating how it was "dilating" while talking with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet was just weird. The weak performance of "Born This Way" did not inspire confidence either. She should have just stayed in the plastic tube.
  • I don't follow country music, so I mean in all sincerity, who the hell is Miranda Lambert?
  • What was up with Lady Gaga's forehead when she accepted the award for Best Pop Vocal Album. She had two horns or something poking out.
  • Lady Antebellum won best record? Really? For that lame song about it being after 1AM and being drunk? No taste.
  • Justin Bieber didn't win new artist, showing that the voting academy isn't afraid of an army of young girls attacking them.
  • Arcade Fire won Best Album for "The Suburbs". Interesting, I thought Eminem had it. Well, he won best Rap album so he isn't empty-handed
  • Rihanna performed twice tonight, and I enjoyed it zero times.
That's it for my thoughts, hoped you enjoyed the show.

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