Now Accepting Advertisers

First off, I will never plaster my site with a ton of annoying ads, so please everyone stay calm.

With that disclaimer/reassurance out of the way, I have a child now (my awesome son, Clarkson) and any little bit on money helps. Therefore, I have decided to accept advertisers if anyone would be interested in doing so on The Newest Rant. I don't want to do Google's Adsense as having random ads pop-up around my blog which I can't control the content of sounds annoying. However, if a person or business would like to maybe have a banner placed toward the bottom of my site or on the side--nothing too obstructive or distracting--I think that could be arranged. I'm open to all kinds of advertising as long as it makes sense for the site and rates are negotiable. Should you be interested in maybe having an ad on the site please feel free to email me at to chat about it.

Again, I want to assure readers of the site I have zero plans to drown it in annoying ads or anything, so don't panic, please.

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