Saturday, May 25, 2024

Kid Cudi is Selling Tour Merchandise for His Cancelled Tour in a Clever Manner

It was April 21st, 2024. Kid Cudi performed at Coachella. He jumped off the stage and it was much higher than he had anticipated. He fell 8 feet and broke his foot. He had to undergo surgery and canceled his upcoming, "Insano," tour. Refunds were given out and Kid Cudi will go on tour sometime in the future when he's healed. The thing is...there was a lot of merchandise. In a clever twist, his website is selling the merch for, "The Tour that Never Was."

You can buy themed totes, knick-knacks, and clothes. In a bit of a dark joke some of the hoodies have tour dates with the word, "Cancelled," now sprawled across what had been planned. It is a bummer the shows couldn't happen but at least, "The Tour that Never Was," can still sell some cool merchandise. I wish Kid Cudi a full (and speedy) recovery.

Friday, May 24, 2024

"Watusi the Talking Dog," #43 Has a Little Contribution From Me!

Years ago I met Dale Martin at Project Comic-Con. He was the creator of, "Watsui the Talking Dog," and I've enjoyed his work ever since we met, having reviewed issue #30 of the series some time ago. Issue #43 has just been released and features a project Dale started back in 2012 and did through 2013 before now wrapping it up. He had folks contribute their own little panels for him to eventually create a, "Jam Comic," of sorts where he'd create a tale with his panels taking place around the contributions of various other folks. I, actually, drew a fun panel where with Watsui in Saint Louis he finds himself atop the Arch and finds it scary. I warned Dale my art skills were horribly lacking but he welcomed my contribution back in 2013. Now, I've got my little contribution in the 43rd issue of, "Watsui The Talking Dog," and you can buy a digital copy if you want to see the whole yarn! As for my entry, give it a look--I'm the panel on the top-left:

I know, I know, I should stick to writing as opposed to drawing. That said, I'm honored Dale wanted to include me in this collaborative comic and I enjoyed reading the rest of the issue when he provided me a free copy! I look forward to Watsui's future adventures and encourage you to check out all of Dale's work via his company, Smeary Soapbox Press!

Thursday, May 23, 2024

The "Riverfront Times," has been Sold with all the Editorial Staff Laid Off

I recently wrote about a website I liked announcing it was folding (Multiversity). It isn't just websites that have faced issues off and on, of course. Print journalism has had a ton of turmoil and after nearly half a century one local publication, the Riverfront Times, has been sold with the entire editorial staff laid off. The new owner isn't immediately apparent, but the RFT has been gutted and an era has ended. It was a bit of a tabloid-style paper, but it was a Saint Louis staple! Founded in 1977, it prided itself on being an, "Alternative Newspaper," with articles about food, music, local politics, and more. Now it still ostensibly exists but is going to become something quite different seeing as it laid off everyone who worked there writing stories from the usual to the quirky. One worries about the future of journalism if smaller entities keep getting bought up and folded into big conglomerates.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Doesn't a Scary Version of, "The Munsters," Defeat the Whole Point of the Show?

"The Munsters," was a show I enjoyed watching on Nick at Nite as a kid. It showed how even with a family that looked scary, everyone could actually be sweet and loving. Just because Herman was a Frankenstein's Monster-looking fellow he actually was sweet. The wife was a vampire, the son was a wolf-boy and the daughter was seemingly average, yes, but they all were swell folks. Even the Rob Zombie movie that got a critical drubbing kept things lighthearted and didn't lose sight of the humorous and positive aspects. Now, it has been announced we're getting a Munsters-themed reboot that is dark and scary...doesn't that defeat the whole point?

Titled, "1313," which is the number of their house on Mockingbird Lane, this new Munsters show that has just been announced will, apparently, be in the Universal Monsterverse that died a horrible death in one form but is slowly making its way back into existence in a new iteration. Okay, but why? The Munsters are a sweet family, making them grim and horrifying defies the whole message of the first show. It would be like making another take on Hannibal Lecter, but in this version, he's a vegetarian. This is all in the very early stages so I'm not going to make some snap judgment about this upcoming show's quality, but I do have concerns.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

"Wolverine: Revenge," Sounds Like a Comic I Want to Read

Jonathan Hickman is a fantastic writer who has worked on a bunch of comics I have loved. Greg Capullo is an amazing artist from his time on, "Spawn," to an incredible, "Batman," run and more. They are teaming up to bring us a five-issue mini-series titled, "Wolverine: Revenge," which will--for at least one issue--have him fighting Dinosaurs in the Savage Land. In the words of that, "Futurama," clip that became a meme, "Shut up and take my money!" It is going to have one of those stupid, "Red Band," editions that feature extra pages of bloody artwork for more money (and have confusing continuity), but it is Capullo's art so no matter what it is going to be delightful to see.

The overall plot of the comic is a bit of a mystery beyond how it will, "pit Wolverine against a cadre of foes who will turn his world upside down! He’s been beaten! He’s been bloodied! And Logan only has one thought on his mind: Revenge!” With Hickman scripting, I imagine the artwork won't be the only thing to draw folks in, but a nice piece of a metaphorical tasty pie. I mean--again--Hickan, Capullo, Wolverine, and dinosaurs? I'd be shocked if Marvel found a way to mess this up and make it anything but a grand time! The first issue (regular and silly polybagged red band edition) debuts on August 21st of this year, so I know what I'm picking up at the shop without a doubt that day!

Monday, May 20, 2024

Music Mondays: Too Sweet, Feuds, and Ranking SNL Acts

 Back Again!

Hey, three times! This truly is a recurring segment and I should revisit some of my other segments that haven't popped up for a bit as this one is doing pretty well!

Music Info and Opinions

Hozier's song, "Take Me to Church," was alright but kind of grated on my nerves after awhile because of how dramatic and over-the-top it could get. That said, his new hit single, "Too Sweet," is really catchy and I like hearing it anytime the ditty pops on the radio.

Billie Eilish dropped her newest LP, "Hit Me Hard and Soft," to a lot of positive reviews. I used to not like her music then came around on it a good deal. I'll give the newest album a listen.

Vince Staples just announced a new album titled, "Dark Times," is on the way. Staples is a talented guy so I'm excited!

Kendrick Lamar and Drake had quite the feud, but I think we can all agree after songs like, "Euphoria," "Meet the Garhams," and, "Not Like Us," that Kendrick won. It seems apparent Drake is ready to move on from this (understandably after the licks he ended up taking) and Lamar has some top streaming hits from the whole fiasco.

I previously mentioned enjoying some K-Pop tunes, and another that's been in heavy rotation on my playlist is, "Magnetic," by the group, "Illit." It's extremely fast-paced, poppy, and catchy.

Lastly, "Saturday Night Live," just finished its 49th season. NPR has rated all the music acts from worst to best. I mostly agree with the list but would have ranked Bad Bunny a bit higher and not had Boygenuis as the best (they were solid, but not amazing).

Sunday, May 19, 2024

We Tried Chuck's Hot Chicken

Chuck's Hot Chicken is a brand that has been opening multiple locations around Saint Louis and with one not too far from our house we decided to give it a shot. We tried some jumbo wings, tenders, and I got a sandwich with the absolute lowest level of heat (there is zero heat then one through six and I tried level one). The chicken was all delicious and the lowest-heat sandwich definitely had some kick but was tasty. The fries were tasty as well. Samii and I both loved the corn nuggets as they had the perfect mix of crispness and creaminess. I can see why the Chuck's Hot Chicken restaurants keep opening up new places as they make some really tasty food. That said, I doubt I'll ever try a spice level above the first and can't imagine how people stomach however hot level six must be!

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Don Perlin, Co-Creator of Moon Knight, Has Passed

Don Perlin passed on May 14th, 2024. He was 94 years old and responsible for contributing to the creation of characters as recent as Bloodshot, but he actually broke into the comic-boo biz in the 1940s! The thing that I most appreciated Perlin for, however, was how he co-created Moon Knight. He was working at Marvel and drew a big chunk of, "Werewolf by Night," including the issues that introduced Moon Knight which he did with writer  Doug Moench. Thanks to these two gentlemen we have my favorite comic-book character and without their initial work, we wouldn't have all the people who built off of it and made Moon Knight even more popular. Another amazing talent gone; he will be missed.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Flashback/Film Friday: "My Super Ex-Girlfriend," is Better Than You'd Expect

Do you have a movie/show/book/whatever that you really like even though everyone seems to hate it and you know you shouldn't even enjoy it necessarily? That is me with, "My Super Ex-Girlfriend." Released in 2006, The overall messaging of the movie is incredibly problematic with the clunker of an ending (if I may spoil it) basically being the over-the-top crazy superlady who eventually ends up falling in love with the villain who has been trying to steal her powers out of a weird toxic obsession. Still, this movie actually works somewhat thanks to an incredible cast who elevate the so-so material to an enjoyable level.

Luke Wilson falls in love with a woman (Uma Thurman) who reveals to him she's the popular superhero G-Girl. The movie takes forever to get there, but they break up and she does not take it well. G-Girl comes across as a mean-spirited shrew, but Uma Thurman makes you actually like her even when she's hurling a live shark through a window at Wilson in a rage. Anna Faris is a co-worker of Wilson's whom he always ogles to the point their boss (Wanda Skyes) keeps threatening him with HR. Again, this is played for laughs because Faris actually likes Wilson's character a lot, but if she didn't, he would, in fact, come across as kind of creepy, with Skyes' concerns being played for laughs not that humorous. BUT YET! Skyes is so damn funny she makes a boss being concerned about her employee's safety somehow worth yukking at and Faris is hilarious too. 

Also, Rainn Wilson plays Wilson's best friend (this is before, "The Office," made him super famous) and his character is supposed to be an insufferable bragging-prone super-horndog asshole...but Wilson makes him weirdly likable. I didn't even mention how Eddie Izzard (back before she started going exclusively by feminine pronouns and at times presented as Male) is the villain and so absurdly dry and sincere you almost forget how freakishly toxic this character's obsession with G-Girl is! I swear, "My Super Ex-Girlfriend," is proof that if you give a D- script to an A+ cast you can somehow, against all odds, get a solid B of a movie.

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend bombed in theaters, hard. The AV Club back in 2020 when they did a retrospective on it described it as, "Hacky," with the nicest thing writer Caroline Siede could say about it being, "...there’s so much potential in its premise," that it fails to execute. I wouldn't argue with that at all because, as I said, the message the movie imparts is basically, "Women, right? They're either horny, crazy, or a little of both!" BUT STILL! This cast was given the barest of ingredients and managed to whip up a metaphorically tasty dish as if they got a stinker of a basket on a cooking competition show. I will never argue that, "My Super Ex-Girlfriend," is a good movie, but I will argue it is funny despite itself. All of the credit for that goes to the stupendous cast turning a lemon into a relatively enjoyable lemonade (I'm sorry, I love food metaphors). If you get the chance to watch, "My Super Ex-Girlfriend," and don't mind spending 90-ish minutes on a heavily flawed but fun flick, maybe give it a chance? I'm glad I did, if for no other reason than I'll watch basically anything with Eddie Izzard.

3.5 out of Stars.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Official, "Sesame Street," Comics Have Been Announced

"Sesame Street," has been around for decades, but has never had an official comic. There have been plenty of picture books, but not a real issue of a floppy. Therefore, hearing there will be a four-issue mini-series to kick off a collaboration between the brand and publisher Oni Press is pretty cool! Written by Joey Esposito and having art by Austin Baechle, it'll hit the stands in late August. Comicsbeat wrote about the announcement and provided the full press release which you can find at this link

The initial mini set in the World of Sesame Street will be fully titled, "Sesame Street: Grover Lends a Hand," and will follow the city's Grover as he tries to help his friends (such as Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, etc.) out with their various problems through cooperation and teamwork. It sounds fun and like it will have a positive message--so you know, "Sesame Street," type stuff. I loved the show as a kid and still appreciate it as an adult who can show it to my own kiddos now. A variety of comics telling Sesame Street-related stories sounds like a fun idea and I look forward to this Grover-centric tale and many more that I imagine are to come!