What is The Newest Rant?

The Newest Rant IS NOT:
  • Objective
  • Fair
  • A ham sandwich
  • Mean just to be mean
  • Lacking in humor
  • Unable to change its view when given new evidence
The Newest Rant IS:
  • Subjective
  • Prone to digressions
  • Written by David Bitterbaum.
  • On Twitter, @thenewestrant.
  • On TikTok, @thenewestrant.
  • On Whatnot, @thenewestrant
  • Opinionated.
  • Wide-ranging in its interests.
  • About comics, movies, music, television, politics, and culture/pop-culture in general
  • Updated randomly
  • Interested in your thoughts, so comment or email me at davidbitterbaum@gmail.com