Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let me get this straight--Recent Revolutions and Technology

Alright, let me get this straight; because of the internet age, and people being connected via Facebook and Twitter, citizens of nations are doing by themselves what the United States in decades past spent tons of money encouraging--that is, fighting for democracy? We spend thirty-some years prodding Egypt to maybe have more fair elections, and after 18 days and the use of social media a nation's dictatorship is toppled. How the hell did that occur?

Plus we've got the original location this happened, Tunisia, and now Libya seems to be going through its own violent mini-civil war--and that's another nation the US has politely asked to be more fair in our sheepish way we do when a nation has something we want but we can't invade it, and yet again a long-time dictator may be out soon due to a bunch of people connecting with each other on the internet.

Now, I'm happy these nations may finally achieve democracy, but am annoyed by the idea that all the US had to do for these places to shift to a new political model was give people an ability to make status updates. I swear, what a world we live in...

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