Monday, February 14, 2011

A long comment I made on another blog.

On a great re-post of an old review by Sean T. Collins for "Dark Knight Strikes Again" I wrote a comment that I thought was good enough to post here--unlike many of my comments on other blogs that are just quick notes or such:

Nice review, I hope to write one as snazzy sometime. Saying DKSA was ahead of it's time is pretty accurate. Occasionally something comes along that seems like it was plopped down from the future by accident--I felt that way listening to OutKast's ATLiens those years ago--and we have to just try and decipher it. DKSA is comics indulging in it's inner primal urges, with a healthy mixture of throwing whatever it can at the wall and seeing what sticks. I think is the book hadn't been billed the way it was as a sequel/prequel to Miller's first magnum opus it would have fared better in the fanboy/fangirl community than it did, what with the screaming about it being the worst thing ever by Miller (this of course being before the actually purposely absurd All Star Batman and Robin that some view as if it were coming of the Anti-Christ). DKSA is what a teenage boy who takes too many psychedelic drugs would see in his hallucinations if they manifested in comic book form--day-glo, full of testosterone, and incredibly violent. 

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