Monday, February 7, 2011

A Call For Writers!

Do you have opinions about movies, television, politics, books, comics, pop-culture or anything else that you want to share but don't know how for fear that no one will care?
Have you read a blog and thought, "I'd like to write stuff too instead of just screaming my opinions on the street corner!"
Are you worried you wouldn't be able to post consistently for your own blog by yourself or don't want to put up with the annoyances of making a new one and it taking forever to get any readers?
 If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then do I have an offer for you!

I'm looking for anyone who would be interested in writing for the blog I currently do alone, be it making three posts a week or even just one a month. You can write about whatever you want, although the blog does focus on comics generally. Do you think I'm too liberal? Write about why you think conservatives in politics are better! Think I don't talk about DC comics enough? Join me and write to your heart's content about why you think Marvel sucks! It's fun, it's a great way to pass the time, and most important of all, I don't have to pay you because I lack any money! Why am I looking for more writers, you may ask? Well, I want to help people with interesting thoughts get their ideas out there, I want more variety of opinion, and I also wouldn't mind getting more content put out by the blog.

So why not join the team (i.e. me) and write posts? You'll get your opinions out there and have the satisfaction of knowing other people now know what you do and don't like--it is a narcissist's dream come true!
Send me an email at or and start writing today! You probably won't regret it!

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