Monday, February 7, 2011

Random Links: A Real-Life Horror Story and An Analysis of Fictional Ones. Plus Gnomes.

This is probably the most unrelated assortment of links I have ever posted:
  1. First, we have Paul Haggis dishing on Scientology. While I won't begrudge them for the actual beliefs (all religions have odd elements) I will get angry about the physical violence, psychological manipulation, and economically bleeding believers dry. Thanks to the Huffington Post for pointing out the link.
  2. Next up, we have a fun post about the "Seven Deadly Sins of Horror Movies" that I learned of thanks to the blog of Mr. Sean T. Collins (always a fun read, plus he reminded me about the above link too).
  3. Zenoscope comics will be killing off a character in their weird fairy-tale comics line. You hear that? It's the sound of absolutely no one caring about what they do with their cheesecake-style drawn characters.
  4. Another blog I like to read posted a great review of the "Wolverine Goes to Hell" story arc.
  5. It would be funny if Gnomeo and Juliet had an ending close to Shakespeare's actual play. Imagine all those kids leaving the theater crying because the gnomes committed suicide.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my Seven Deadly Sins of Horror Movies article. Much appreciated. :)