Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to make people uncomfortable--The Newest Rant's Political Thoughts.

In what may alienate some readers, I am now going to get political and share my thoughts on variety of topics, including Michael Vick, the Giffords shooting, and Health Care Reform. My views jump around a bit on the political spectrum, so don't think you will agree with everything I say. Also, please don't accuse me of being biased, these are opinions, of course I'm biased. Let's burn some bridges!

The Arizonia Tragedy:
You can't post a map with gun-sights on the districts of political rivals and then be surprised when one of them actually gets shot. I'm not saying Sarah Palin's map has any relation to the gunman or his actions--correlation is not cause--but it illustrates how in this current environment of anger and bombast on the television and in politics, it isn't too far-fetched for someone to hear talk of, "Taking our country back," and then act the way Jared Lee Loughner did. I'm not against people owning guns, but I am against crazy individuals having guns, and have no problem with reasonable gun laws. My heart goes out to the Giffords family and I hope Representative Giffords recovers.

Michael Vick:
Michael Vick did a bad thing, a wrong thing, a terrible thing. He served his time, however, and yet we still demonize him? I would never do what he did to a dog, but someone says Michael Vick should be killed for what he did and we don't bat an eye? We are in a supposedly post-racial America but I wonder just how much trouble Vick would have gotten in were he not black.

Health Care Reform:
The  House of Representatives Republicans (and some Democrats) are pushing to vote on a repeal of the Health Care Reform Bill. This is pointless because this will be killed in the Senate, and even if by some miracle it passed in the Senate Obama would veto it. This is utterly symbolic and full of vitriol, it's just making good on promises made to people in the Tea Party so the conservatives don't have some huge schism between moderates and the extreme right. I have a personal stake in this; thanks to Health Care Reform this January I was able to stay on my parents Health Insurance until I'm 26 without paying a ton of money monthly. Before reform someone like me who graduate college and is in that 21-26 age-range would be utterly screwed. This bill isn't job-killing, and saying things like it's treasonous is just absurd. The United States is so far behind in the world rankings for health care it isn't even funny. We have tons of uninsured people, those with pre-existing conditions are dying because no one will cover them and they can't pay for treatment. I studied this stuff as a part of my major, this Health Care Reform Bill was a good thing, don't try and kill it.

So there we go, a comics blog that sometimes touches on movies, television, or video-games has taken a foray into political thought. Should I share my opinions more often, should I shut up on these issues and just discuss comics? Post a comment or email me with your support or disagreement.

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