Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The bizarre selection of comics at my local newsstand joint.

I was in the local newsstand place in town and while checking the video-game magazines at the farthest right stand in the store, I noticed above them some comics the 'stand carried. Before finding a comic store I used to buy comics here. Browsing over the comics I was struck by how odd a selection there was. It has been remarked it is a dark era for newsstand comics, and I think I may agree, but darn if our store just isn't...bizarre.

Our place has some big-name comics like Amazing Spider-Man, but why would a smaller mini-series like Osborn be on stands while a comic like Uncanny X-Men is nowhere in sight? I mean, I love the Osborn comic but its strange it would be there.

What else did I spy? The newest Hulk comic, a really old Wolverine issue from before the big re-numbering, some Captain America one-shots, Batman, Superman, Simpson comics...just a strange assortment. I didn't have a point to this post, just was observing how strange it is.

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