Who Writes The Newest Rant?

Who writes this blog? Pretty much just one person (excluding a guest post here or there), David Bitterbaum:
Yes, you're actually listening to this man.
David Bitterbaum is a big fan of all the things that entertain us--especially comic-books--so he started up this blog called, "The Newest Rant," some time ago. Mr. Bitterbaum is a lover of numerous genres of movies and television shows, reads all different kinds of books (when he has the time to read so much text), and has a taste in music people have described at varying times as, "wide-ranging," "interesting," "eclectic," and "utterly insane." Our blog's writer also is a huge fan of comic books (as aforementioned) and spends much of the blog's time reviewing and ruminating on them. He occasionally has written columns for various websites as he enjoys freelance work. He also has had poetry published in regional poetry anthologies in New York (years ago) or general writing in zines here and there (slightly more recent).
The tool for writing the blog...except a laptop is used.
As for personal details, David Bitterbaum was born in Nebraska but only lived there as a baby, and has moved to and at various times also lived within North Carolina, Missouri, West Virginia, New York (the quiet upstate area, not the famous city), and now is again in Missouri where he acquired a Masters Degree in Public Health in the city of St. Louis. When not blogging he enjoys being a stay-at-home Dad for his boys, Clarkson and Gibson, in addition to doing other various odd jobs such as selling random stuff on eBay/Whatnot/etc. Mr. Bitterbaum can generally be described as politically liberal although he doesn't toe any sort of party line and enjoys discussing politics very much. He also has numerous allergies with the most interesting probably being beef--gullible people believe Mr. Bitterbaum when he says if a cow bites him he will die.

David Bitterbaum has a wife he met in Missouri named Sam/Samii with whom he has two cats and their aforementioned son Clarkson. The cats part is impressive as for a long time cats were one of his allergies but thanks to the marvel of modern medicine that is, "allergy shots," he can have short-hair kitties now. Seriously, it's amazing if you knew him when he was younger.

That's David Bitterbaum, and if you wish to contact him he can be reached via davidbitterbaum@gmail.com or on Twitter @thenewestrant as well as on TikTok @thenewestrant so that you can ask him a question, call him names, or inquire about him writing something for you.