Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Television Tuesday: "Agatha All Along," is Coming This Halloween and Looks Fun

Disney/Marvel has been slowing down the release of movies and Disney+ television shows, but one that has still been in the works is a program focused on Agatha Harkness. It went through a few names before finally settling on/being revealed as, "Agatha All Along." The teaser trailer dropped yesterday with it being promoted as a spooky Halloween season release. Give it a look:

I'm into it if for no other reason than I am always down for more Kathryn Hahn in the Marvel Universe and Aubrey Plaza is making her MCU debut here too ("Legion," was a whole different continuity). The last time we saw Agatha she was the main villain of, "Wandavision," depending on how much of a baddie you feel Wanda herself was in that show (before totally going full-monster in the last Doctor Strange flick). This looks to be exploring the more fantastical and scary side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if it is even half as enjoyable as the, "Werewolf by Night," special I'd imagine it shall be fun.

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  1. It will be a miracle if the release date is near Halloween. I predict that it may pop up during the Labor Day weekend. The Crypt Keeper