Wednesday, July 3, 2024

People Are Being a Bit Hard on That, "Hellboy: The Crooked Man," Trailer

I think when it comes to superhero movies as of late people are spoiled on big, expensive, and over-the-top special effects. Folks expect a 200 million dollar plus film full of Computer Graphics so incredible it makes your eyes water with glee. At least, that is my theory because a lot of people are being kind of mean about the trailer for a new Hellboy flick and it looks fine to me.

"Hellboy: The Crooked Man," adapts a Hellboy story of the same name and is unrelated to the original two movies or the last reboot that everyone now pretends didn't happen. Jack Kesy plays Hellboy with Brian Taylor (best known for the movie, "Crank," and its Insanity) directing. The creator of Hellboy, Mike Mignola is heavily involved too. Hellboy goes to investigate some supernatural evil in 1950s Appalachia and the movie is clearly leaning heavily into more of a horror vibe as opposed to comedy or action. The dialogue in the trailer is a bit trite, "It smells like death," but as far as the effects go, it seems fine to me. Hellboy looks like Hellboy, there are creepy creatures and I don't have any complaints. Yet, many are saying this looks, "Low-budget," or still angry that, "Hellboy 3," never got made. Some have remarked they like the dark tone, but even they think this looks like a, "Fanfilm," as opposed to an official movie. Give the trailer a look and judge for yourself:

It looks fine! From some internet searching it seems the budget is thought to be around 20-25 million dollars and while compared to the latest Marvel or DC flick that would be chump change, this still isn't some microscopic amount as if this were a little indie film made for pennies. Whether, "Hellboy: the Crooked Man," is good or not will remain to be seen, but as far as the budget goes, it seems perfectly alright in regards to visuals.

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