Wednesday, July 10, 2024

More Information is Leaking About DC's New, "Absolute," Line of Comics

DC is going to be launching a new Ultimate Universe-style line of comics called, "Absolute." That was rumored a while ago but there is now concrete proof in the form of an, "Absolute Batman," ashcan due to release at the upcoming Comic-Con International AKA San Diego Comic-Con. This new Absolute Universe will run concurrently with the standard DC Universe and they will somehow connect/acknowledge each other via, "DC All-In," which is the term for the new publishing initiative of the standard DC Universe and the Absolute version--two narrative strands that will intertwine in some fashion, I suppose?

The latest Ultimate Universe that Marvel is doing have been a lovely surprise of great stories so if DC wants to experiment a bit without going too far (the New 52 was a lot, after all), I'm all for it. The biggest mystery as of now is how everything will connect. I imagine CCI/SDCC will answer many questions, so I look forward to late July!

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