Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Television Tuesday: People Are Alarmingly Good at Lying on, "The Mole," Season 2

I watched a chunk of the first and second episodes of the debut season of, "The Mole," when people online recommended the show. I didn't really like it. However, when season 2 dropped I wanted to give it a chance. I am digging the program now thanks to the cast/contestants all being quite interesting. One thing is scary though--how good some people are at lying. You see, on the show, "The Mole," everyone is competing to win money and succeed in challenges, except for one player. Someone who is the titular Mole is trying to make sure everyone fails, loses money, and so forth. We as the viewers do not know who the Mole is until the finale (so this isn't like, "The Traitors," where we know who the, "Good," and, "Evil," players are). It makes things fun as we debate with loved ones, friends, or strangers online who the Mole could be. That's only part of it though.

Some challenges require everyone to attempt to lie. Even if you're not the Mole you need to concoct big fibs and say them to other players' faces about whether you have money or exemptions (so you can't get kicked out of the show). I am astounded how good a lot of the players are at lying and it makes me uneasy. Like, if you can that easily lie in a prisoner's dilemma type game when it comes to money versus exemptions or can tell someone to their face you voted for them to stay when the opposite is true in the hopes it messes up their count of how people voted..it must be easy to lie about other stuff too in theory.

Not just the Mole lies...

The Mole is supposed to lie and be damn good at it because they were chosen specifically to be the Mole. When everyone is able to lie through their teeth in certain situations and be alarmingly good at it, however, that just is stressful and causes me to wonder how often we as humans lie without hesitation to others about things we should just be honest about. It is scary, and when, "The Mole," airs the final two episodes of this season on Friday (on Netflix) I'm wondering just how deep it will be revealed the rabbit hole (or Mole hole) goes in regards to lying. I have a terrible, "Poker face," and would fail spectacularly on shows such as, "The Mole," even if I happened to just be a regular player who needs to lie some. It is impressive and eerie how good some of ya'll out there are at lying, however.

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