Tuesday, July 2, 2024

The Internet Always Needs Something to Be Mad About/Jim Lee Can Charge What He Wants for Commissions

Jim Lee is one of the top talents in the industry and a busy man with all the work he does basically running the comic-book division of DC. I'd be surprised if he even has time to do commissions, but he apparently does! Considering how big a name he is the man could ask whatever he wants, and someone noticed in an online post he asks for $25,000-$35,000 for an original commissioned piece. This resulted in opinions.

Now, I'm not rich so that is far, far too much for me to ever pay someone to draw me something. I do love having artists draw me Moon Knight whether they are random folks or somewhat-known names who don't charge too much with my budget. That said, Jim Lee can charge whatever he wants to draw you something, and throwing a fit about it as the internet seems to have done is silly. I mean, nobody is making you buy a commission from Jim Lee. Art is worth what people will pay for it, and Lee wants to be paid that much for his creations--as is his right! If you've got the money and the desire for Jim Lee to draw for you, pay the man! Otherwise, you don't! It is as simple as that.

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