Monday, July 8, 2024

Music Mondays: Some Random Songs I've Been Listening To

I don't have an assortment of music news to share today. I just felt like sharing some random songs I found via my searches/recommendations from Spotify/Bandcamp/etc. and have been enjoying listening to as of late. You may like them too, and if you do then you're welcome. If you hate them...I'm sorry? Now, in no particular order...

"Suede" by Anderson .Paak, Knxwledge, and NxWorries

Anderson .Paak has such a smooth voice that he can make anything sound catchy, even if its just some lyrics about how he likes a lady who can cook grits and roll a spliff at the same time.

"Stella Brown," by Jelani Aryeh
The weird lo-fi sound in this song should be annoying but compliments the lyrics of being too shy to talk to a lady quite wonderfully.

"Bad Texter," by Ryan Woods
I relate to being bad at responding to texts and the lush electronic sounds of the song are quite pleasing.

"Frankenstein," by Claire Rosinkranz
There is a nice light and flowy feel to this ditty, so I'm into it.

"Photo ID," by Remi Wolf with Dominic Fike & "Vampire," by Dominic Fike
I am not especially familiar with this Dominic Fike fellow, but I've been really digging a number of songs he does or appears on. I shall explore his work further.

"Wait a Minute!" by WILLOW
The artist also known as Will Smith's daughter continues to make weird and fun pop.

"Good Girl," & "Problematic," by Jesse Gold
Seemingly sweet songs with a slight dark edge are always fun and Jesse Gold makes just that.

"Closer," by Saweetie and H.E.R.
Anytime you feature H.E.R. on a song she is bound to kill it, as she does here.

"North$ide," by Destiny Rogers
A cute song about romance with a catchy hook. Sometimes that is all you need.

"Million Dollar Baby," by Tommy Richman
I know some people who really jam out to this song and others who absolutely hate it. I find it silly and fun.

"Linger," by TALA
Probably the weirdest cover of this song by The Cranberries you will ever hear, it morphs the song into a tragic ballad--but it works!

"Hush--Still Woozy Remix," by The Marias and Still Woozy
The synthesizer on this track mixed with the singing is a real delight.

"Yo Love," by Vince Staples & 21 Savage
Vince Staples is a superb rapper and 21 Savage does a solid job on this track too.

Proof that conscious rap can be hella catchy too.

"Shut Up my Moms Calling," by Hotel Ugly
A weird little trip-hop-style song, you can just kind of vibe out to it.

"Drugs You Should Try It," by Jordan Bratton
The orchestral score mixed with the ethereal singing results in this being an eerie and impactful tune.

"Intl' Players Anthem (I Choose You)," by UGK & OutKast
Probably the best song with OutKast that isn't actually an OutKast song (it is on a UGK album) and the last huge hit that saw them as a duo. I always love revisiting this tune every few months when I want a dose of Andre 3000 and Big Boi right before they stopped and hopefully will someday reunite.

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