Tuesday, August 11, 2020

I Take a Day for Surgery and a Comic Company Implodes

I can't even with this planet. I take a day off from the internet/being updated on the going-on's of everything so that I can have some surgery and a major comic company has a, "Bloodbath," of layoffs. Everything went well and I was recovering from my hernia surgery in the, "Get your bearings," room. I had messaged some friends I was okay. One mentions, "So did you hear about DC?" and I wonder what they are talking about. Well, during the 90 minutes I was being operated on, all this mayhem occurs. I can't even take 90 minutes after a bunch of days of zero interesting news for something crazy to happen when I'm passed-out for less than the running time of most movies. And boy, did the shit go down.

DC is having major layoffs, seems to be cutting back on collected editions (trades and hardcovers), eliminating the department for collectibles such as statues, and might be trimming a large number of their monthly releases. Exclusivity contracts with big-name creators are going to expire, it is crazy. I take a day off and DC comics as we know it collapses. What a World. Now then, I'm incredibly sore so I'm going to end this whine-fest and go back to relaxing with trashy reality television whilst I make sure not to bend or lift anything heavy.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Reminder: I Have Hernia Surgery Tomorrow

I discussed it a bit ago and wanted to remind everyone, my hernia surgery is tomorrow. It is an outpatient procedure for my tummy and I've been reassured how it is, "Minor." That said, I will probably need a bit to recover so if I don't post for a couple days, please understand why. That, or I might make some posts should there be a juicy story to write about--but there could be (even more) spelling and grammar errors than usual if I'm still sore and groggy/drugged-up on painkillers. Wish me well!

Saturday, August 8, 2020

A, "Suicide Squad," Video-Game by Rocksteady, You Say?

Rocksteady Studios is a video-game studio that in 2006 made a so-so video-game known as, 'Urban Chaos: Riot Response." It was a forgettable first-person shooter. Nobody expected much from them. Then they made a Batman video-game, with it known that Batman video-games at that point were always terrible. The game was, "Batman: Arkham Asylum," and it was somehow absolutely incredible, defying what everyone knew about Batman games and taking Rocksteady from a barely-known studio to a company held in high esteem. They proceeded to make more Batman games that were a delight to play and their last title as a smaller-scale VR Batman game for the PS4. Then silence. Well, some artwork has been revealed that shows Rocksteady is making a, "Suicide Squad," game--where they may take on Superman. This sounds quite nice.

Seeing as how good the Batman games Rocksteady has created are, and how they've featured Batman as well as his friends and sidekicks, I am pretty optimistic Rocksteady can give us a good time with a team-based Suicide Squad game. For those not aware, "Suicide Squad," is the nickname for Task Force X. This team is made up of villains in the DC Universe who have been imprisoned, but by going on extremely dangerous deniable ops for the United States Government can get time shaved off their massive sentences and--theoretically-eventually be freed. Again though, the team is known as the, "Suicide Squad," so missions ain't exactly a cakewalk. A video-game of this sounds delightful and I am eager for more to be revealed in the near future--apparently the DC Fandome virtual event on August 22 will spill the beans.

Friday, August 7, 2020

What a COVID-19 Test Feels Like

I have hernia surgery coming-up on August 10th, as I posted about. As a part of getting surgery, you have to get a COVID-19 test a number of days before the procedure. After that, you essentially quarantine yourself so that once a (hopefully) negative test result comes back you stay negative and then get surgery a few days later. Well, I just recently got my COVID-19 test and thought I'd share what it feels like for those curious.

It began with me driving-up to a special spot in the hospital's parking garage like the World's least pleasurable drive-through where you get poked in the nose instead of a bag of french fries. After I checked-in a nurse came out with a huge swab and explained it goes up my nose for 5-7 seconds. I was told my nose might run and I may cough. I tilted my head back and got as mentally ready as I could. She proceeded to stick that thing up my right nostril and I could swear I felt her poking my brain. It didn't hurt, but it was extremely uncomfortable feeling all that pressure. It didn't trigger my gag reflex as it was up higher in the back of my throat, but I did start getting watery eyes and coughing a little bit. She took the swab out and I was happy it was done. Then she said it was now going to go in my other nostril. Yeah.
This is not an exaggeration, it is exactly what it felt like.
The swab went in my other nostril and this time I really started coughing and my eyes were watering as if I were watching my go-to movie to cry, "A Little Princess." After what felt like an eternity she pulled the swab out and I began rubbing my eyes and wiping my nose for dear life. It was explained if they don't call me that means the result was negative and I'll be good to go for my surgery on Monday the 10th. As I haven't heard from the hospital and am always careful when in public (wear a mask, people), I'm going to guess my results were negative and I get the pleasure of having hernia surgery this Monday. In the meantime, I have a good story about how I got my nose thoroughly swabbed in a parking garage by a stranger--but unlike that one time in college, this was for science!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

"Atlas At War," Provides a Fascinating Look at War Comics of the Past

The lengthy introduction to, "Atlas At War," by the book's editor, Dr. Michael J. Vassallo, is careful to point out that so many war comics were produced during the '40s and '50s (before somewhat fading away) that there is enough material for arguably 4 more think books after this impressive tome. I don't doubt it, but what is contained within, "Atlas At War," is a fantastic overview of war comics in the past. A joint publishing venture between Marvel and Dead Reckoning, "Atlas At War," is full of war stories from WWII as well as the Korean War, some pre-code and more visceral, others from the post-comic-code era that resulted in stories being a bit more watered-down (in all comics, frankly, not just war). It's a big and stellar read.

"Atlas at War," tries to identify creative teams as best it can, but credits weren't always the most detailed in comics decades ago. Therefore, while some amazing creators are noted (Kirby, Ditko, Heath, Colan, and so forth), a number of comics are left a mystery who may have been involved in their creation. The tales are all impressive in their mixture of pro-war propaganda, tales of the horrors of war, and some tales that are pretty politically incorrect by today's standards--as also noted by Dr. Vassallo as these are of course products of their time. One reason everything looks incredible is due to the amazing art restoration done by Allan Harvey, who deserves immense praise.

These are comics from more than half a century ago. Heck, in another 20 years it will have been a whole century. That means many of these original comics are torn-up, weathered, faded, and otherwise past their prime in appearance. However, everything within, "Atlas at War," is fantastic thanks to some amazing art restoration done by Allan Harvey, as can be seen above. There is a certain charm to reading these old comics in their original form, warts and all, yes, but being able to see the skill and hard work of the creative teams in crystal-clear detail is glorious and Harvey's restoration is arguably what makes these reprinted tales of a war a must-have for anyone with an interest in old war comics, or comics in general.

"Atlas at War," is a phenomenal look into the past at how the once-booming business of war comics resulted in some amazing talents writing and illustrating tales of combat. It contains stories that still strike a nerve today in their messaging and the restoration by Allan Harvey drives-home every panel of explosions, whizzing bullets, and muddy battlefields. This isn't just an amazing collection of comics, it is a fantastic piece of comic history.
5 out of 5 stars.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Kim Would Have Been 58 Today

My mother-in-law, Kim, died suddenly on June 13th, as I previously have written about. She had a sudden heart attack and was just gone. Today, August 5th, she would have been 58--that is how young she was. For her 57th birthday, I took her to Thunder From Down Under, as my humorous post that got a lot of views talked about. This year I don't even get to wish her a happy birthday. I have been sad today as I was close with her and miss her very much. Samii misses her Mom too and if Clarkson could see Kim even one more time I know he'd give her a big hug. In honor of her birthday, a bit earlier in the week I bought a fun Troll doll at Target. It was part of an in-joke we had about her frizzy hair making her reminiscent of Troll dolls. It is now proudly displayed upon my bookshelf so I can always look at it and smile thinking of Kim.

Kim and I had lots of funny jokes and comments we would say to one another. I miss poking-fun at how much she hated mash potatoes and making faux-threats that every Thanksgiving I would bring over a big tub of them and cold gravy. She would hear that and give a big laugh. I miss making these jokes with Kim, and I miss her.

I Tried Subway's BBQ Rib Sandwich and Have Thoughts

Subway recently called-out McDonald's a little bit with its own new BBQ Rib sandwich designed to look like and basically be a competitor to the famous McRib. The McRib, of course, is only available at certain points, so it isn't a direct competition right now. Still, shots fired on Subway's part. I decided to give it a try, but I got it the same way I do a McRib--no pickles or anything. I did leave the lettuce on it Subway offers, as it is important to get your veggies in. Having tried Subway's BBQ Rib sandwich, I can say I liked it.

Subway's sandwich tastes a lot like a McRib, which I think is the point. It is bigger than a McRib (if you get a foot-long) and decently filling. I found it not overly saucy, but well-balanced and just quite solid all-around. I'm not going to say it is better than the McRib, but it is comparably tasty. If you have a hankering for a McRib it fills that void handily, and it good judged on its own merits as well. A good sandwich, all-around, in other words.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

"Pimo & Rex: The Interdimensional Wedding," Is a Fun and Gorgeous Book!

I wrote previously about how snazzy the upcoming comic, "Pimo & Rex: The Interdimensional Wedding," looked. I asked its publisher, Rotopol, for a review copy and they were kind enough to provide one! It follows Rex as he gets married to Leo and best man Pimo is there too as things proceed to get crazy. Like, creatures from other dimensions that prey upon our doubts kind of weird. Between that and a mystical sword that causes even more havoc its one of the zaniest weddings ever witnessed.

Thomas Wellmann writes and illustrates this stellar book, and his background in animation and design is readily apparent. Scenes of action move with fluid grace, the colors pop, and everything is just gorgeous to look at. Between the fun story, great humor, and amazing art, "Pimo & Rex: The Interdimensional Wedding," is a book I loved reading. I'd recommend checking it out for sure via having your comic-store, bookstore, or library ordering it. That, or you can always visit Rotopol's website for a copy. It's a great time!
5 out of 5 stars.

Monday, August 3, 2020

I Have Hernia Surgery in a Week

I wanted to share with all my readers and friends (because if you read my blog I consider you a friend) that I am having hernia surgery next Monday, August 10th. I have had a hernia in my stomach--known as an, "Umbilical hernia," for some years now, and it was small and not an issue. The past number of months it has caused me more and more discomfort however, so I saw a doctor who advised me it would only get worse and needed to be corrected with surgery.

The surgery is outpatient and should be, "Minor," although I've never been put under for surgery (I was concious-but-numb in high school when my wisdom teeth were removed) so minor seems a little like an understatement, but perhaps I worry too much. They said to expect a week or two of being unable to do too much as I am recovering and after 4 weeks I should feel about normal again. I want to thank everyone in advance for their support and ask for your patience if my posting is sporadic for a bit after August 10th as I recover from surgery.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

What Is Going On With This New Season of, "The Bachelorette," Pray Tell?

As readers of this blog know, trashy reality television is my guilty pleasure. I am a lover of all things, "Big Brother," "90 Day Fiance," "Mama June," and of course the series that never hesitates to ask if someone is here for the right reasons, "The Bachelor/Bachelorette." The show has been having a difficult time lately, however, what with COVID-19 delaying production of Clare Crawley's season, her season finally kicking-off in a, "Bubble," of sorts, and now...Clarie is gonna be fired? Some people say there is no way this is gonna happen, others say it already has and fan-favorite Tayshia Adams is ready to take-over. The truth is a mystery, but everyone has an opinion on what could be happening even if we don't know what actually is.

This is sounding like the craziest season of, "The Bachelorette," yet and it hasn't even aired a single episode. I'm pleased we are even getting a season considering the current state of the World, but whether things are going swimmingly or a huge mess seems to be the hotly debated topic right now.