Thursday, February 27, 2020

"Wonder Woman: Dead Earth," Has Been a Stellar Read

Daniel Warren Johnson has been both writing and illustrating the comic, "Wonder Woman: Dead Earth," and it is a fantastic comic so far. Two issues have come out in the large-sized prestige-format we've seen for a number of Black Label DC titles (of which this is one). I don't mind the bigger book with 48 pages of great content however, as the large size is especially perfect for the art of Johnson. The plot is pretty interesting, with Diana waking-up in a post-apocalyptic World and trying to figure out what exactly went wrong in-between fighting irritated monsters or dangerous human survivors, but the art is what steals the show.

Daniel Warren Johnson is an illustrator few can compare to, and he makes the end of the World look damn good, even if it is a lot of burned-out buildings and ruined brown soil. I believe this series may just be three issues total that come out every couple of months. This is a shame as after the two issues that have come out so far I'd be more than willing to read Johnson writing the travels of Wonder Woman at the end of the World till the World actually does end. With that said, I recommend picking up the two issues that have been released so far of, "Wonder Woman: Dead Earth," or to be sure to get it once the whole story is collected if you choose to wait until then.
5 out of 5 stars.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Baby Yoda Toys Are Imminent

The Child AKA Baby Yoda absolutely took the internet by storm when he captured the hearts of basically anyone who watched, "The Mandalorian." He was kept a secret, however, so very few people knew about him until the show officially revealed the cute being. For that reason, it has taken some time for companies aware of the internet's favorite alien to make official Baby Yoda toys. A lot of unofficial merchandise has filled that hole, but now we are at a point where licensed Baby Yoda toys are imminent. Lego Baby Yoda, Build-a-Bear Baby Yoda, basically anything that can be sold to people demanding some cuteness in their life.

By Christmas of 2020 there will be more Baby Yoda toys, games, dolls, Funko Pops, and themed clothing than you'll be able to fit in even the roomiest man cave/she shed/baby bunker. I like Baby Yoda even if I think he's a little overexposed in memes currently, so I have no problem with this influx of stuff with the sweet critter. I just hope everyone has steeled themselves for their kids/spouses/friends hounding them to buy Baby Yoda merch as a present.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Comic Book Presser Did a Phenomenal Job Yet Again!

I have stated a number of times my praise for The Comic Book Presser AKA Chris before. Well, I have yet another example to share of his stellar work. I had a rather unique copy of, "Moon Knight," #12 in that it was a double cover misprint. A friend who knew my love of Moon Knight bought it for me some years ago and I thought as I had several regular versions I ought to get my double cover graded. It literally had two front covers, with one behind the other and CGC grades these with notes for both covers, giving the, "Main," grade to the interior cover. The comic was cool, but a little rough. I figured in the condition it was in the exterior cover was maybe a 4.5 or 5.0 and the interior cover was a 6.0 on a good day. Well, I sent it to Chris for him to work his magic before I shipped it to CGC and the results were amazing. Behold:
Here's that label close-up if you were curious too:
The exterior cover received a 6.0 and the interior was graded as a 7.5 to my immense joy. I don't plan to sell this comic ever, but if I wanted to then the grade bump definitely would be helpful--and the work done by Chris just makes everything look even more gorgeous in the CGC slab. I would 100% recommend The Comic Book Presser to anyone desiring their book be pressed, dry-cleaned, have spine roll corrected, and so forth. I am a happy customer and always am happy to purchase his (quite reasonably priced) services anytime I plan to get a book graded!

Monday, February 24, 2020

We Still Don't Know Exactly Why Dan Didio Was Fired, but We Probably Will Before too Long

I touched upon the sudden event of Dan Didio being fired from DC at the end of my recent news and links post. It came out of utterly nowhere so little was known about how the man who was co-publisher with Jim Lee found himself fired after we assume an upsetting morning hearing from his bosses (e.g. the brass at DC's owner Warner Brothers).

It is Monday and we still have no clear answers outside of how Didio was always a controversial figure, but seemed to get results. Perhaps his results had been less impressive lately, or an assortment of P.R. black eyes for DC slowly built-up to too many (the Batman's penis-reveal controversy, harasser Eddie Berganza finally getting fired after a big news piece), or maybe it was how even though he was co-publisher he still micromanaged things other positions were supposed to be covering.

Getting some R&R on a sudden vacation from work that no longer exists.
Dan Didio has only offered tweets of relaxing in comfy locales with loved ones or images taken from boats of clear blue waters as well as a short video saying he is humbled by the outpouring of support and love and how he wants to say, "Love to you all." Plenty of drama is going to spill-out at some point, and how exactly this impacts DC's upcoming publishing plans for events like their more-and-more promoted, "5G," with multiple generations of heroes is a big unanswered query too. Right now is the quiet before a gossip and rumor shit-storm, I'd argue. Enjoy the peace while it lasts, everyone.

I'll Admit it, I Want a French Fry Candle

Yet no french fry scent.
McDonald's has recently announced they will be releasing an assortment of scented candles that smell like one of their products--namely, their Quarter Pounder. There will be six candles that smell like its components: Bun, ketchup, pickles, cheese, onion and beef. I can't eat beef due to an allergy, and I am shocked they didn't make a candle about their best product of all. Yes, we need a french fry candle.

I don't care about a candle that gives me the aroma of ketchup or some bread. That doesn't get me excited. The thought of a candle that gives me a whiff of delicious, hot, salted french fries puts my heart aflutter, however. Whether my heart is aflutter because I'm excited or due to eating too many french fries is up for debate. Come on, McDonald's, make it happen!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

I'm Sad to Report Mr. Resetti Has New Job

I was overjoyed to report that the horrifically mean Mr. Resetti was out of the job when the Nintendo Switch version of, "Animal Crossing," was due to be released as the latest version of the game would always be saving progress, making him yelling at you for resetting your console without saving pointless. Well, it seems he found a new career. Mr. Resetti now apparently is the dispatcher for a helicopter that helps players who get stuck somewhere. It is not yet clear if he will be screaming at players for needing help when the game comes out on March 20th, but I hope he will be nicer now that his job involves helping players as opposed to scolding them.

Friday, February 21, 2020

A Smattering of Later February 2020 News and Links

We Approach February's End
It's February 21st and the end of the month is nearing. We get one extra day this year in the form of February 29th, so that is snazzy. Plus, Clarkson's third birthday is the 28th, which normally is the last day of the month except for unique years like this (some people incorrectly think he was almost a leap year baby, he was born in 2017 however so he would've just been born March 1st if it weren't February 28th). Now that I'm done breaking-down the calendar, here are some news and links.

Stuff For Your Reading Enjoyment
This piece by Lyz Lenz for Jezebel examines the stark decline of the Miss America pageant from its glory days and looks at what's left with the question what it is like to be, "....placed on a throne without a kingdom while no one watched."

My thoughts on the latest season of, "The Bachelor," were recently posted and I find it entertaining but messy. The AV Club thinks it is too toxic to be fun and Vulture continues to kill it with their episode recaps. As the finale approaches it is going to be a glorious heap of drama.

Friend of the blog Kevin Kessler recently posted online how issues of his comic I quite enjoyed, "Universilent," can now be purchased for digital reading on Comixology!

The staff at The Root calculated how much taxpayers are spending for Trump to be able to play golf as much as he does. It turns out he's the 10th highest paid, "Athlete," in America in terms of cost.

Covid-19 or as it is casually called, "The Coronavirus," which has been spreading at an alarming rate continues to worry me. It is harder to contain than SARS and the exact lethality is hard to be sure of, but hopefully, it will be under control before we're at levels like the 1918 Influenza epidemic.

I've always loved Dinosaurs from a young age up to adulthood. Hearing about an impressive carnivorous Jurassic-era Dino named Allosaurus jimmadseni that could give the Cretaceous-era T-Rex a run for its money made my ol' imagination fire-up and imagine what it must've been like to see these creatures those millions of years ago.

Season 3 of, "Westworld," isn't even out yet, and already they are hiding secret trailers within their promotional clips. The show always has gotten up to crazy mischief so it's going to be a twisty season, ain't it?

The new Batman outfit and a Bat-bike can be seen online now and have an interesting style reminiscent of the, "Zero Year," storyline. It looks pretty cool.

Speaking of DC, there seems to be some breaking news that Dan Didio has left his position as co-publisher and basically the head of DC comics. That's pretty sudden and unexpected, so let's end this news segment with a big shocker like that. Didio was always a polarizing figure during his years at DC, so everyone's reaction has been mixed. I imagine there will be much more to come regarding this.

Enjoy the Rest of February!
I hope you all enjoy the remaining days of February! We are excited for Clarkson's third birthday for sure!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Interesting News From SCOUT Comics About Their New Imprints

I've written about how SCOUT Comics is a rad publisher before and was intrigued to get their latest press release in my email about how they are adding Don Handfield as a partner, co-owner, and board member and also creating a number of intriguing new imprints--six total. These imprints include those focused on inclusive storytelling, an all-ages line, one focused on one-shots, and more. My chums at Comics Heating Up found this news pretty cool too and I imagine fans of SCOUT Comics are as interested in seeing what new books are on the horizon as I am!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

One Thought on Tonight's Democratic Debate

I watched the Democratic Debate tonight in Nevada and have one thought: Man, that crowd was rowdy. I feel like other debates didn't have nearly as much cheering, booing, hooting, and hollering. I felt like I was watching an episode of Jerry Springer (I miss that show) or Maury. I understand people get passionate, but it was kind of disruptive. Did anybody else find it a little distracting, or am I just whiny? Anyways, that's all I really have to offer in terms of my thoughts on the debate because at this point haven't most people decided who they support?

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Television Tuesday: Peter Weber's Season of, "The Bachelor," is a Glorious Mess

I like watching, "The Bachelor," and, "The Bachelorette," on good ol' ABC. I do not watch them out of the misguided belief these people who date for a handful of weeks in unrealistic vacation scenarios are actually going to fall in love or stay together. No, I watch them for the nearly-obscene amount of drama I gorge myself on as if I were at an all-you-can-eat ice cream buffet. That said, I do wish everyone the best and it is good when the main bachelor or bachelorette takes everything with a grain of salt and at least attempts to form functional relationships with the guys/gals after their heart. Peter Weber is the bachelor this season and boy is he bad at this.

If I may quote a review of a previous episode on Vulture, "Peter has convinced himself that if he’s not working to make a relationship work or make his partner calm, then she’ll leave him because deep down, he’s boring. His utility in a relationship is making the woman happy, and then she’ll validate that he’s a good boy worthy of love. It’s bleak, but it’s what he’s dealing with." This desire to be so dearly needed has resulted in Peter sending home mature, well-adjusted, reasonable women and keeping the most sloppy and over-the-top gals possible, the kind who struggle to have any kind of serious conversation about a relationship without bursting into tears, accusing Peter of, "Being in a mood," or running-off and sobbing in a corner until he dashes over to comfort them.
Kelley was mature and realistic.
You know she had to be sent home.
Kelley and Natasha were the last grown-ups and went home already. Then, Kelsey was in the final 4 and for all her flaws seemed to at least have some defined goals and desires, but also was acting a lot more stable lately and needing Peter less so she had to go when it came down to her and the utter trainwreck that is Victoria F. Kelley told Peter a relationship can be, "Easy and fun," as people get to actually know each other and then the more difficult and dramatic elements can enter the picture when things get serious. Peter doesn't want things to be easy or fun, however. He has said he doesn't want a friend, he wants a wife. This viewpoint is horrifically flawed because pretty much anyone in an actually successful relationship will tell you their spouse is their best friend!

If you aren't friends with your wife and instead your relationship is built upon a vague idea of, "Chemistry," when you're not putting-out emotional housefires every 5 minutes that ain't a relationship, that's an unhealthy co-dependency. Peter wants to be depended on so badly he comes off as hollow and the women left on the show come across as the hottest of hot messes besides maybe Hannah-Ann who of the top 3 at least seems like a real person to some degree outside of cliches like Madison's, "I'm super-religious and sporty," or Victoria F.'s, "I'm likely to murder you if I can't have you," vibe.

The slightest hurdle in the relationship results in a rage-fit if you're Victoria F.
Peter Weber may be a perfectly fine guy, but man is he a terrible person to headline, "The Bachelor." He isn't the worst one ever, that will forever be Colton. Still, this season is a big dumpster fire of drama and Peter Weber loaded that dumpster up with all the gasoline before gleefully lighting the match. I still love it though and I'm here clapping with joy as it all burns to the ground whilst Peter shrugs and asks in his dumbfounded way, "What went wrong?" Just everything you did Peter, just everything you did.