Thursday, May 21, 2020

For the First Time in Two Decades I Had Chuck E. Cheese Pizza And Quite Enjoyed It

The outside of our pizza box.
Charles Entertainment Cheese is the full name of the mascot for the popular arcade-and-food establishment, Chuck E. Cheese. Someone from the local one in our area of Ballwin and Ellisville made a Facebook post about how the store needed some curbside-pickup business so that when it is safe for people to return they'll still be here. I have fond memories of going to Chuck E. Cheese when I was around age 6, so I wanted to support our local CEC. I also appreciated it wasn't trying to trick people into ordering it under a false name, as the news has reported some locations did. I called-up our closeby Ellisville Chuck E. Cheese and ordered their $15 deal which included a large cheese pizza, wings, fries, and two drinks. It was a stellar deal in terms of how much food we got, but would it taste good?

I'm not sure if my love of the place when I would get to go as a kid for special occasions is resulting in nostalgia clouding my opinion, but it was pretty good. I know folk often make fun Chuck E. Cheese as not being tasty, but I liked it. The pizza had a nice thick cheese full of flavor, there was a good garlic seasoning on the crust, and it was otherwise quite good. The wings pretty good with a zingy buffalo sauce and the fries were stellar as well, plus we got two sodas. Again, all of this cost just $15, and we had plenty leftover to finish later. I say, "We," because my wife Samii was willing to try some pizza and observed it was, "Pretty good," as well. Therefore, I am not alone in thinking it was some quality grub. I don't know if maybe our Chuck E. Cheese puts more effort into their food than other locations which result in a negative opinion of CEC, but I was very pleased with my meal.
Here's the pizza before we dug-in. It was tasty!
Once Clarkson is a bit older so he is able to navigate the play-areas meant for bigger kids and he's interested in trying some arcade games I imagine we will take him to Chuck E. Cheese. We will see what he thinks and if he enjoys it as much as I did when I was little. It makes me happy we will hopefully have one close by thanks to my supporting it today for lunch and others doing the same (I will also link to that location here if you are one of my local readers).

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