Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Nice Chill Game Like, "Townscaper," Sounds Good Right Now

"Townscaper," is the latest kinda-game-kinda-virtual-toy from Oskar StÃ¥lberg who has made some cool digital programs before that are fun to fiddle with and create stuff. This is a more complex project as it isn't just played in the browser so much as a full-on program that runs. It isn't really a game though, you just place the blocks of a seaside city and watch as the game naturally designs itself around your plans. It looks relaxing and with the state of the World currently, a nice little relaxing fun sounds delightful. An early access version is due to be out this next month (we've now entered June tomorrow in the trash-fire that is 2020). Assuming my computer can run it, I'll spend the $6 or so it will cost to enjoy.

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