Wednesday, May 27, 2020

I'm 32 Today!

Today is my birthday, and if my math serves me correctly I am now 32. The World is a bit of a strange place right now compared to my last birthday, with COVID-19 putting us in unprecedented times. Regardless of if the World is an utter mess, however, I am happy to be spending my birthday with Samii and Clarkson. They are my two favorite people in the Universe and make every day special.

Also, as I turn 32 it makes me think about another big birthday coming-up, namely how this December my blog will be 10 years old! It is wild to think I've had a blog that long, with many links in my older posts going to nothing now due to so many other sites having sprung-up and then disappeared/gone out of business, but I just kept chugging along. So now I've got three decades and some change under my belt with my blog having existed almost 1/3 of my life too. Pretty snazzy.

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