Friday, May 1, 2020

Nicotine-Infused Toothpicks Are Apparently a Thing

I kicked-off May by going to the gas station and filling-up my car. Between hand-sanitizing breaks to reduce the risk of COVID-19, I noticed a sign for Pixotine, which are nicotine-infused toothpicks. As if 2020 was not bizarre enough, you now can chew on toothpicks infused with nicotine advertised as a good replacement for those who need a nicotine fix as well as something to fulfill an oral-fixation need provided by actually having a cigarette in one's mouth. I get the logic, but man this World is getting weird as 2020 rolls on (yes, these have been around a while, but they're just now getting popular).

Jeremy Glass of Thrillist is a former smoker who was curious how well Pixotine would help with his cravings and found them surprisingly powerful. I guess it is good to have another smoking alternative that is safer than vaping and serves the same purpose as nicotine gum, I still can't get over how odd the whole thing sounds. 2020, man, we aren't even halfway done and it has been surreal.

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