Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Television Tuesday: Solar Opposites

"Solar Opposites," is a Hulu show created by Mike McMahan and Justin Roiland, and the latter name may look familiar. That is because Roiland is the co-creator of, "Rick and Morty," with Dan Harmon (McMahan is involved in both too). That influence can be felt in a lot of, "Solar Opposites," as it uses the same animation studio and therefore looks just like, "Rick and Morty." That, and with Roiland voicing a number of characters sometimes it feels weird to hear Rick-like speech emerging from somebody. That said, "Solar Opposites," is a good deal different from, "Rick and Morty," in its actual content. For one thing, it is sweeter and less cynical.

It feels odd to thinks of a show with as much gross-out humor, violence, swearing, and weirdness as, "Solar Opposites," as being optimistic and kind, but again, we're comparing it to its thematic cousin, "Rick and Morty." I know it is unfair to have talked about an unrelated show so much, but its a specter that hangs over much of, "Solar Opposites," even while it makes it own way. The show is a bit like, "3rd Rock From the Sun," actually, as it has a family of aliens living on Earth and struggling to acclimate in humorous ways.  There aren't really any long-running subplots beyond a wall filled with shrunken humans who annoyed one of the aliens, instead, each episode is just a wacky little plot with some laughs and zaniness. It's light, chill, and fun.

If, "Rick and Morty," and, "Solar Opposites," were siblings, "Rick and Morty," would be the one who is more accomplished and clever, but also full of itself and often insults you. Meanwhile, "Solar Opposites," is the younger one who is cool with the lowered expectations because it just wants to have fun and maybe crack some disgusting jokes for no reason other than it makes everyone laugh. I've seen some buzz on the internet that is outright hostile to, "Solar Opposites," as well as some arguments it is already better than, "Rick and Morty," has been. I don't get these seeming forced conflicts, because both shows are fun and will be around for a bit--"Rick and Morty," got that big episode order and before it even premiered its first season, "Solar Opposites," was renewed for a second season. "Solar Opposites," ain't perfect, but it is dumb fun. I liked it a good deal.
4 out of 5 stars.

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