Friday, January 28, 2011

Film Friday: Crank

This is undoubtedly one of the silliest action movies ever, but was it any good?

This is the kind of movie that only gives up any plot when you hold it down and demand it stop for just one second and explain why the hell the action is happening. It is just absurd action scene after action scene, with a plot about Chev Chelios being poisoned and having to keep his adrenaline going or some nonsense. This is also one of the most fun movies I have seen, with "fun" meaning I had a really good time.

Whether it is a helicopter fight high in the sky, Statham's character driving through a shopping mall, having sex with his girlfriend in public, or burning his hand with a waffle iron, everything is fast-paced and executed with style. There are shootouts, fights, and a bunch of humor. It's just crazy.
If you took the concept of an action movie, and distilled it into one of its purest forms possible, you would get this movie as a result. I suppose it appeals to the adolescent urge in me for excitement, silly jokes, violent explosions, and all the other stuff the young folk of today and yesteryear love/loved. It's mindless, but it's mindless fun. Don't go into this movie expecting to have any deep thoughts afterward, but if you want something silly and enjoyable for it's sheer zaniness, check out this movie. If only the ending hadn't destroyed any possibility of a sequel...wait? What? They made one? I gotta check that out...
4 out of 5 stars.

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