Thursday, October 21, 2021

We May Finally Get More of, "The Black Monday Murders," Eventually

I have written a number of times about my concerns regarding how, "The Black Monday Murders," was horribly delayed. A mystery/sci-fi/horror blend of a comic about how the stock market survives with literal human sacrifice, it was a fantastically weird read by Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker. However, Coker having health issues delayed things, then Hickman kept doing other big comic gigs. I worried we'd never see the final issues of, "The Black Monday Murders." Today, however, there was some good news.

It seems Jonathan Hickman has finished writing all the remaining issues of the series and Tomm Coker has been working at getting the artwork wrapped for them. Once everything is completed the comic's ninth through twelfth issues will finally be solicited and released. I'm being as patient as I can, so I eagerly await the eventual conclusion of this fantastic and odd series.

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