Saturday, October 30, 2021

This 1:6 Scale Statue of Prince is Worth Getting if you Have a Spare $795

My mother is a huge fan of Prince and I am fond of his works too. I was quite sad when he passed some years ago, but his jams live on in their awesomeness. I don't really collect statues or such (no space or budget for them), but I admire some of the ones with amazing quality.  PCS Collectibles is going to be releasing an extremely impressive statue, a 1:6 model of Prince with his purple motorcycle. It is a gorgeous statue and would make a lovely present for a fan of Prince...if you have $795 just laying around somewhere. I do not have that much extra scratch to drop on a statue, so I'll just admire it from afar. Now, if they came out with a statue of OutKast I would maybe really need to squeeze some pennies together to afford that, but we shall see.

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