Thursday, October 28, 2021

Happy 56th Birthday to the Gateway Arch!

Officially known as the Gateway Arch, it is also referred to as, "The Saint Louis Arch." If you're a local and you're driving past it with someone you know it is mandatory to simply point at it and say, "There's the arch." However you refer to the landmark, it is 56 years old today! The last piece was put in place on this date, October 28th, back in 1965. For those wondering, construction started February 12, 1963, so that day is notable too in the arch's history.

I've been up in the arch and it provides a beautiful view of the region. If you ever have the chance to go up in the arch and don't mind a somewhat claustrophobic ride up in a weird egg-shaped elevator I'd recommend checking it out. Happy birthday, Gateway Arch!

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