Monday, October 4, 2021

"Stones," by Nadine Redlich is Both Hilarious and Thoughtful

I have discussed loving the work of Nadine Redlich before. I adored her darkly witty, "I Hate You--You Just Don't Know it Yet." She has a new comic coming out which is published by Rotopol (disclosure: I am on their press list and get comics for the purpose of review), and I had the chance to read it. Simply titled, "Stones," I loved this comic!

"Stones," is very minimalist, focusing on a stone that looks and talks at us, the reader. It sometimes is nice, sometimes is mean. Various events take place around the stone from caterpillars turning into butterflies, to seasons shifting, and so forth. Sometimes mere moments seem to pass, other times eons. As the stone points out, it has existed basically forever, that probably makes it tricky for the stone to keep exact track of time.

Redlich illustrates the stone and everything around it in a suitably cartoony manner, with the fun appearance of everything almost disguising a slight sadness at the thought of being stuck living eternally, with little to keep you company besides passing insects or the occasional human accidentally (maybe purposely) giving a kick. 

Even with a hint of melancholy vibes, "Stones," is still very funny while also making you think. Redlich is a fantastic cartoonist and I thank Rotopol for letting me know about this latest work and providing a chance to read and review it! You can find your own copy of, "Stones," available for order on their website. I rate, "Stones," a stupendous...

5 out of 5 stars.

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