Saturday, December 21, 2019

A New Jonathan Hickman-Written Comic Sound Great, But I Wonder About One Thing...

Jonathan Hickman makes some good comics, whether he is writing them or writing and illustrating. Image just recently announced how he will be writing a new book with the skilled Mike Huddleston illustrating it, "Decorum." It follows the Universe's most polite assassin. This all sounds great, but I do wonder about one thing. Namely, when am I finally getting more damn, "Black Monday Murders," please? It just seems infinitely delayed and I would really like it to wrap-up because Hickman was making such a fascinating story and Tomm Coker is an amazing illustrator. As it is, for now, I guess I'll just be pumped for, "Decorum," and continue patiently waiting for, "Black Monday Murders," to hopefully, eventually, someday conclude.

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