Monday, December 30, 2019

At Least Marvel's New, "Empyre," Event Has a Solid Creative Team

I get tired of relentless events in comic-books  that, "Will change everything, forever...for a couple months." It is known as, "Eventitis," and I'm quite afflicted by it. That said, a new event featuring the Avengers and Fantastic Four (who Marvel now acknowledges exist since getting the film rights back) titled, "Empyre," has something going for it. It is about those heroes fighting against a unified space empire--sorry, "Empyre," of Kree and Skrull aliens and it has a really solid creative team.

Al Ewing is always a stellar writer and he is co-writing with the usually-great Dan Slott. Someone who has never written anything I've hated with someone who I have liked most stuff of sounds rad. Plus, Valerio Schiti is doing the art and he has a style well-suited for the abundance of crazy action scenes I bet the book will feature. Fantastic writers and a skilled artist make me a little more optimistic about, "Empyre," than I have been for other event-type books. I am cautiously optimistic, with an emphasis on being extremely cautious.

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