Monday, December 9, 2019

The December 2019 ToyMan Show was a Rollicking Fun Time

Yesterday I attended the last ToyMan show of the year and it was the immensely fun time I always expect it to be. I saw a lot of my chums and bought some great comics this time as well. I started out the show chatting with the awesome folk of Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles and Eric of STL Comics as they are always near where I enter and a joy to speak with/buy from/sell to! As I continued to walk around the first floor I ran into other stellar folks such as Tom from Alliance Comics, Toys, and Games plus my friend Spike from Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles who had some wild vintage Spider-Man toys among his usual impressive assortment of goodies.

As I looked about one seller had some Marvel comics with a character I like (X-23) and one team of Avengers that was pretty wild (the Uncanny Avengers). I traded some of my stuff with them and got the books as you can see below:

I went upstairs to the, "Artists' Alley," after I talked with a bunch of the great vendors downstairs. I saw J.E. Nelson (who just released her newest book) in addition to author Jessica Mathews and her co-author and illustrator Jennifer Stolzer. I also talked with my friend, author Leigh Savage, and enjoyed seeing the show's special guests, comic-book artists Steve Lavinge and Jeffrey Edwards! Plus, Lonnie Johnson from Heroes for Kids was present and selling all kinds of snazzy funds to raise funds for the charity. Before I went back downstairs I ran into David Knoblock who was selling some awesome creations of he and his wife, Dawn, including some fantastic comic-book themed murals.

I returned downstairs to browse some more. While doing so I was able to purchase some more random comics and two comic-magazines that got me really excited! They were issues of the old, "Hulk," series Marvel did for some time that are notable for me because they feature early Moon Knight stories as well! Give them a gander:

I did a little more walking and talking with people at this last Toyman of 2019 and then headed-out. I loved seeing all my friends and was super-pumped about my Moon Knight-related acquisitions. I would encourage my readers who are going to be in the area on January 12th (of 2020) to attend the next show. Parking is always free and it only costs $5 to get in, with anybody 16 years-old or younger free too. Oh, and there is early-bird admission at 8AM for $12 as well if you want to be there right at the beginning. A"Thank you," is always due to Chris McQuillen as well for putting-on such great shows and being an all-around rad guy.

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