Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Trump Has Been Impeached

The long painful process of getting President Donald Trump impeached is over! Now we get to begin the long and painful process of the Senate trial because this thing doesn't end until America is a smoldering crater. I'm just happy/amazed Trump finally had something stick of his countless, "High crimes and misdemeanors," the man seems he can't stop committing. I doubt Donald Trump can actually be removed from office this way as the Senate has a Republican majority and they've put Trump and their party's agenda well before the good of the country. Trump seems to not realize this however as he keeps acting a fool as opposed to staying calm and reasonable--when has he ever been calm of reasonable, though? In the end, at least a message has been sent and I can't imagine Trump winning 2020 with all this going on because you would hope at some point logic and a sense of decency wins out.

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