Monday, May 23, 2011

Ed Benes Is A Hack

UPDATE: I actually changed my mind and apologized a little while ago. Ed Benes actually is not a hack, I decided.

Ed Benes Is a Hack. He makes money drawing scantily-clad heroes and selling those drawings on the internet when not doing comic work, and all his drawings are like that. He doesn't pose characters that well. Other people on the internet agree with me. Let's look at some of his work that pops up if you type in his name. I'll put it after the cut because even though nothing is super-inappropriate--I keep my blog safe enough that you could browse it at work--I don't feel like having loosely-dressed women all over the main page of my blog, I want to keep things classy, ya know.

Now, I don't mind sexy women or hot poses--I am a man--but when it serves the story, please, or isn't horribly exploitative of women. If you have an erotic comic, go ahead and go with it. However, if there is not a point, or if you are making money drawing super-hero women in suggestive poses for people that is just creepy. Say it with me everyone! H-A-C-K!


  1. Yeah, I've debated taking this post down because it is maybe a bit too harsh, and my goal with the blog has been to never be mean just to be mean. That said, I feel it would be wrong to take down a post and pretend I didn't write something. Plus, I honestly don't care for his work much.