Friday, May 27, 2011

And Now For Posts That Will All Somehow Involve Batman--A Schedule

Actually, the posts are just beginning
We are going to celebrate how it is my birthday with a slew of posts that all relate to one of my favorite comic characters--Batman! Now, he's not my absolute favorite (that is Madrox, The Multiple Man) but I would say he is much beloved by me and probably my top DC comics character, so we're gonna talk about him because its my birthday and I'll cry if I want to do what I want to. I will now list the order, making this list have links later on when the posts are actually up:

6AM: This post you are reading now goes up.
9AM: I comment on how cool Dectective Comics #877's cover looks.
12PM: I wonder whatever happened to Batman: Europa.
3PM: I discuss The Return of Bruce Wayne.
6PM: I talk about how much I love Batman and Robin Volume 3: Batman and Robin Must Die.
9PM: I do my Flashback Friday post about the original graphic novel "Joker"--which did involve Batman in the sense that the Joker is his archenemy and Batman does show up in the end.

Do note that I have written these in advance in the past and just scheduled them to be posted at these times as it seemed like a good theme. I'll probably be at work and later out with friends when the posts actually go up, so don't worry about me spending my birthday just sitting at the computer updating my blog--my life isn't that sad, I do know to put this thing on the back-burner when it come to enjoying my birthday with family and friends.

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