Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Comic Podcasts I Listen To

I thought I would do some sharing and discuss comic-related podcasts I enjoy listening to. There isn't too many as I don't have unlimited time to just sit around and listen to podcasts, but they are great for when I'm making half-hour drives a town over and back. You should check all these out, and of course, why not listen to my podcast, The Newest Rant Podcast, too? I mean, you can find them all on iTunes as easy as pie, so why not? Anyways, in no particular order:

David Brothers and Esther Inglis dicuss comics, movies, culture, politics, and whatever else they want in what is possibly my favorite podcast. Episodes usually aren't too long, but are still full of content. Definitely worth a download.

The Comic Conspiracy (a part of Geekbox)
Still quite new having not even yet reached its tenth episode, this podcast is enjoyable, covering a wide range of comics news and reviews with hosts who just genuinely love comics.

Wait, What? (of The Savage Critics)
Probably the funniest of any comic-related podcast I listen too, Jeff and Graeme are hilarious with their outrageous comments and willingness to speak their minds no matter how brutal or mean it may sound. Tune in and get ready to grin.

House To Astonish
Were it not for the 4thletter this might be my favorite podcast, as it has funny hosts just like "Wait, What?" has in-depth critical commentary just like the aforementioned 4thletter, and otherwise tends to be hoot to listen to.

The Newest Rant Podcast
I supplied the iTunes link above, and you can always just listen on my blog--how much easier can I make it for you? I hope to get a new episode up soon where I talk about the Thor movie and some lame comics I read. If you like my blog you should enjoy it, check it out!

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