Saturday, May 14, 2011

3 Songs That Are Creepier Than You Think

Ah music, it can express so much; love, hate, anger, joy, but it can also be really creepy without you knowing it. After the cut I present to you three songs that are a lot more eerie than they seem at first listen, increasing in level of how creeped-out you get if you actually listen closely to the lyrics.
Mike Posner--Please Don't Go

This one isn't too bad, pretty much just your normal love song with a man begging a woman not to leave, but something stands out. "I don't know if you feel the way I do, if you leave I'm going [to] find you." That simple lyric adds a whole new dimension to the song, putting a twist on it that Mike Posner's emotion's could be completely unrequited, and he is in effect subtly threatening the object of his affection. Again, not too creepy, but it gives me pause and makes me think there is just a bit more complexity to the song than one thinks at first.
Creep-O-Meter: Slightly Creepy.

Robin Thicke--Lost Without U

You think this is a sweet love song, but I say you are terribly wrong. Listen carefully, Robin Thicke isn't saying how he feels so strongly for the woman, he is demanding that she says how she is lost without him, wants to touch herself when she sees him, "Tell me you don't won't me to stop, tell me it would break your heart." Yes, you could argue he is politely asking her to say these things, but the whole song is just a laundry list of Thicke telling her to say how she loves him, can't live without him, and how she, "Better tell me every morning." Yeah, this song you sang to your girlfriend on your anniversary was actually about a highly dysfunctional relationship, don't that beat all? I'm not hating on the song, I actually think this interpretation makes it incredibly interesting, even if I am completely wrong--but even if you think I am, don't you think, deep down, my way of thinking about it makes it a lot better?
Creep-O-Meter: Quite Creepy.

The Police (AKA That band Sting is/was in)--Every Breath You Take

Alright, the above songs I've discussed are really my take on them, but Sting himself has said this song is about a man obsessed with a woman, so you can't say I'm being silly on this one. It seems to be about a break-up, but the man hasn't taking it well, and insists that the woman still belongs to him, and that every breath she takes, "I'll be watching you." If you ever wanted from the viewpoint of a stalker, this is it. The hilarious thing is people often misinterpret this song as some sort of sweet ode to a lover. Well, if you didn't, now you know better.
Creep-O-Meter: Off The Charts.

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