Monday, June 21, 2021

"The Fang," Volume 2 is a Stellar Follow-Up Loaded with Amazing Artwork

I reviewed the first volume of Marc Palm's work, "The Fang," previously and recently bought the second volume from his Esty store (it will be distributed by Fantagraphics to all finer bookstores soon too) Fully title, "The Fang: Weekend at Medusa's," it is more fun pulpy goodness with a mixture of humor, horror, and lots of stellar artwork. Palm brings us a story of, "The Fang," as she continues hunting monsters and finds herself facing Medusa--or someone possibly posing as her!

Palm's artwork continues to be amazing, whether he's illustrating the Fang experiencing a trippy hallucination from a snake bite or bringing us a high-octane fight scene between her and Medusa. Depending on what a scene calls for Palm sometimes is hyper-detailed and other times has a fun sketchy style that is a little minimalist. It all looks fantastic.

This second volume of, "The Fang," is a lovely read. I would encourage you to order a copy from your preferred comic or book store, buy it directly at Palm's Esty (here's that link again) and you can always follow him on Patreon as well! I can't wait for volume 3!

5 out of 5 stars.

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