Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plans For The Blog (6/21/11-6/26/11)

Alright, here we are on Tuesday and I thought it might be fun to give a little peek into how I like to try and plan things out for the blog to a certain degree. I'll say what I am thinking of doing throughout the week and you can keep score at home of how well I do this or terribly mess it up.

  •  Get a review up of "The Cape" which was a comic that had nothing to do with the television show.
  • Record and edit podcast, either posting it today or tomorrow. Main subject, the variety of video-games I have played recently (in random order: Duke Nukem Forever, LA Noire, Arcanum). Ended up being posted very late Friday.
  • Post a review of the 1st issue of the Screamland ongoing.
  • Post a long-form writing about Arcanum and why an old game many may not know that I bought via GOG.com (they are cool, as I've said) is so awesome and one of the best role-playing games ever.
  • Put up another small list of apps I've newly started enjoying, consider creating a master-list post in the future combining the top apps into one ultra-post. 
  • Post a review of issues #0-3 of "After Dark" the comic that was published by Radical Comics.Going up Saturday.
  • Film Friday or Flashback Friday post on a topic to be determined. Ended up being on Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 1.
Saturday and Sunday
  • Who knows what I"ll be posting? Seriously, who? Tell me so I can figure out something. Maybe I'll bitch more about how most of today's popular music is terrible, that's always fun for me at least.
As always I could tack other things on, alter the order of posts, change everything suddenly, or whatever else is needed as the week calls for it. This is just a rough sketch of what I'm thinking that I thought, you, my readers, might be interested in. Maybe you aren't intrigued at all and I just bored you, in which case I'm sorry.

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