Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Swear I'll Get A Podcast Up.

I put up a post Tuesday in which I said how I was trying to get a podcast up by Wednesday at the latest, and it's clearly not looking too good for that as it is Thursday. I'm working at it, but in-between falling asleep super-early Tuesday and having killer head-ache from onions being in my four-cheese and vegetable pizza yesterday/Wednesday (Too Many Onions+Me=Head Pain) it just was too hard to finish up a podcast. Look for one Thursday or early-ish Friday. The other Thursday posts on apps I like and the comic mini-series "After Dark" should be getting posted today so don't worry too much about those at least.
UPDATE: A post on apps will be up late Thursday and expect a post on After Dark during Friday along with one of my Flashback Friday/Film Friday Posts and finally a podcast should be put up during Friday.

ANOTHER UPDATE: After Dark will be reviewed on Saturday.

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