Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Love This Game--Arcanum

So, I love this older game that came out in August of 2001 known as Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura. It is just incredibly fun and open-ended. Basically you may be the reincarnation of an ancient hero, and all these people want to kill you, but you get to wander through this world and do a variety of quests and complete them however you want. Want to be a magic-using, smooth-talker who is a good-guy? Go for it. Want to take advantage of the industrial revolution in the world and be a gun-slingin' steam-punk inspired villain who can't speak in more than simple sentences? That's open to you too. You can be a nice person, a complete and total jerk who just murders people, rob houses for fun and profit, amass a small group of friends who do your fighting for you, and essentially just have fun whilst wandering around doing what you like. You're probably thinking there is a catch, and there is. This game is from 2001, and is kind of tough-looking graphics-wise:
Also, the company that made it--Trokia--was known for making excellent games that were buggy as hell. This was a problem, but it has been mostly fixed by fan-patches you can download (these are unofficial patches that everyone uses because they are awesome). Yeah, graphics that are kind of ugly, bugs that can get on your nerves, and some of the dungeons can be a grind. But look past the problems and this thing is a masterpiece--a flawed masterpiece. Yes, it is one of my favorite games ever, and when I saw that had it available for purchase and download, you know I got on that right away. You really should play this, it starts a bit slowly but man is it amazing once you get going.

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