Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Thoughts On This Anthony Weiner Controversy

Anthony Weiner lied about having an affair, no way around it. The thing is, David Vitter did the same thing and possibly solicited prostitutes AKA committed a crime, yet he stayed in office Republicans never loudly called for him to resign even though he talked about how he was big on family values which Weiner never did. Maybe it is because Vitter is a Republican--and in all fairness it was the Democrats who said he should have resigned back then, and think he still should now. Weiner was possibly unethical, but from what I can tell he did not commit a crime like John Ensign quite possibly did (which also is why he resigned before getting kicked out of Congress) or David Vitter may have. I don't know what Weiner should do, but if Republicans are going to say he needs to resign, then they better be prepared to back that up by saying ol' Vitter needs to finally get out of congress too. I'm just saying...

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  1. His extracurricular activities isn't or shouldn't be a reflection on his ability to do his job.