Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good News About Coffee And My Drinking Of It

In late April I discussed how I had temporarily stopped drinking coffee despite loving it due to getting severe heartburn whenever I drank it. It was rough because I had not been shy about expressing my love for coffee before on my blog. Well, after a good chunk of time spent just drinking tea instead, I am happy to say around 2 weeks ago I was able to slowly switch back to coffee and now can pretty much drink it as I regularly did! I can't go crazy as I maybe would have in the past, but I can at least go back to enjoying a nice cup in the morning or with lunch. The funny thing though is that I also do like tea a bit more now also--having liked it just fine in the past, but now being an even bigger fan. Therefore, sometimes I may purposely get tea instead of coffee just because I'm in a tea mood. I still love coffee more though, of course.

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