Sunday, February 28, 2021

Happy 4th Birthday to my Son, Clarkson!

Today Clarkson turns 4 years old! It is crazy to think back to when I wrote about him first being born, discussed when he came home from the NICU, shared things not to say to me as a stay-at-home Dad, and talked about the challenges and successes he's achieved as he's grown. He is truly an amazing little guy. Samii and I are thankful for having him in our lives every day. Clarkson has been doing wonderfully in preschool, continues to be a big fan of anything musical, and has been loving having books read to him lately. Some mornings he will wake-up, grab a book in his room, and then come pop open our door and climb up in our bed, hitting me in the head with a book until I start reading it to him. It's both cute and a little annoying if I'm still groggy!

Happy birthday, Clarkson! You are an astounding person and Samii and I are honored to be your parents.

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