Friday, February 12, 2021

"Snow Angels," Sounds Like a Cool Collaboration Between Jeff Lemire and Jock

I often love Jeff Lemire's writing. I always adore Jock's artwork. Hence, the first issue of their digital comic, "Snow Angels," has my attention. It will be on Amazon's Comixology and released in 10 parts. It follows people living in a mysterious trench surrounded by ice who follow the rules of never leaving it for their entire lives. Then a mysterious defender of the trench is awoken--The Snowman--and all Hell apparently breaks loose. 

The plot sounds interestingly sci-fi (it is actually based on a short prose story by Lemire) and with Jock doing the art it is doubtlessly going to be gorgeous. The first issue drops February 16th for $2.99 or free if you have that special Kindle Unlimited subscription or ComiXology Unlimited subscription. Looks worth a read!

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