Sunday, February 7, 2021

I've Been Working on My Weight but Ate Too Many Wings For the Super Bowl

I met with a nutritionist in January as my weight had been getting worse. Between doing a lot less moving around due to quarantining with COVID-19 and having my hernia surgery in the Summer, my weight kept climbing. I was the biggest I'd ever been, about 264 pounds. I discussed healthier eating and a need to be more active with the nutritionist. I downloaded the free version of the MyFitnessPal app too so I could count calories. With eating better and working to try and be a bit more active I'm now down to about 249 pounds. I do have days where I eat kinda bad, but mostly am doing better. 

Today, Super Bowl Sunday, I ate way too many chicken wings. As I write this it is almost halftime and I finally am able to at least move--I felt absurdly full at the start of the game after ingesting a metric ton of wings. I'll continue working on my weight again the rest of this week, but today, I am more wings than man.

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