Monday, February 1, 2021

"That Full Moon Feeling," is a Delightful Romance Comic

Ashely Robin Franklin's newest comic, "That Full Moon Feeling," will be coming out from the stellar indie publisher, Silver Sprocket, this week (I think). I get press emails from Silver Sprocket so I was able to get an advance digital review copy of this fantastic new comic and I loved its cute tale of romance! Focused on a bisexual witch named Suzy and a lesbian werewolf named Jada, this queer-focused tale of love follows the two as they go on a series of dates following matching online. The World they inhabit is full of magic, however, so a seemingly normal trip to a farmers' market takes a paranormal twist and often their dates feature all kinds of spells and transformations as they deal with interruptions to their adorable dates.

"That Full Moon Feeling," is both written and illustrated by Franklin, with her art style matching the energetic and optimistic plot with gusto. Franklin's style is a little scratchy and cartoony with a hint of abstract, working perfectly for the more supernatural elements that take the tale into a state of magical realism. Franklin excels at body language too, with Suzy and Jada's increasing romantic tension being imparted through fleeting touches, moments of hand-holding, and eventually, of course, a kiss.

Suzy and Jada are fun characters with a great supporting cast too, with Suzy's talking-raccoon roommate being both cute and kinda grimy and Jada's housemates often texting her advice (some of it good, some of it bad) about how to date as Jada is a little more introverted than Suzy. Humor is abundant too. I laughed at a segment where Jada and Suzy go see a, "Gay period drama," and get perturbed that a lesbian scene is fully clothed and not at all hot due to a fear of offending conservatives. Then Suzy observes that the rest of the movie is, "Probably crying," and yep, she's right. It's a funny bit of commentary on mainstream supposedly-LGBTQ-friendly films that end up being more for, "Straights," than an actual gay audience.

"That Full Moon Feeling," is a stupendous comic. It is very sweet, fantastically illustrated, and immensely cute. I'd recommend asking your comic shop or local bookstore to order you a copy, or you can always buy it directly from Silver Sprocket here. It's out this week!

5 out of 5 stars.

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