Saturday, February 20, 2021

"Wandavision," Has Been Firing on all Cylinders

I've been loving, "Wandavision." It is weird, smart, funny, and unique. I've been outspoken in finding some of the Marvel movies to be competently made, but kind of a slog to get through. "Endgame," just seemed so self-important and drug-on even if it had some great moments. All the Marvel flicks I've dug lately were focused on individual characters and had more odd or experimental aspects I liked. "Doctor Strange," is a recent favorite. Well, "Wandavision," has been a pure treat, and the closing song from episode 7 that revealed how--spoiler alert--it was, "Agatha all along," was just perfect. It was clever, hilarious, and a little horrifying. You know, everything, "Wandavision," has been. I am incredibly curious about what the last two episodes will bring us and quite excited. I haven't been this pumped for a Marvel production since, "Captain America: Civil War," so clearly this show is doing something right!

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